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A grand day out


About the event

'Early in the morning of September 30th, artists from Billytown will gather their proverbial bags and embark on a journey towards the lights of the Big City. Carrying their carefully selected artworks on the Billy-bus, an extraordinary excursion is anticipated — a true Grand Day Out is in the making.'

This group show is initiated by, and exhibits works from our members: Jan Dirk Adams, Melle de Boer, Katherina Heil, Sam Hersbach, Robbin Heyker, Maja Klaassens, Rik Möhlmann, Yukari Nakamichi, Robbert Pauwels, Iede Reckman, Alexander Webber and Marieke van 't Zet

**Kate, Nieuw en Meer, Moude Haagseweg 51, 1066 DC Amsterdam **


  • 01.10.23–08.10.23