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Eva van Bemmelen


Eva van Bemmelen is a graphic designer: a book designer. In her work, she focusses on the poetic reinvention of books and the literal characters they hold. Eva is exploring various sorts of wayfinding and guidelines. How to read a book? How to read a certain language? “I like to see a book as a three-dimensional exhibition to be walked through by the reader. With all that, I play with typography: I deconstruct it to reconstruct it again, for it to be interpreted differently.”

Her books have been shown or made for various exhibitions and artists, and were selected for best book design contest "best verzorgde boeken" (NL) in 2019 & 2020 together with Irma Boom. Eva studied graphic design at the Royal Academy of Arts (KABK) in The Hague and she was working for five years at Irma Boom Office (2015–2020). In 2023 she finished her Masters at 'Werkplaats Typografie', ArtEZ, Artschool of Arnhem.

Exhibitions at Billytown