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Marieke van 't Zet


At first glance Marieke van ‘t Zet’s paintings are canvases of simple and unadulterated color. Look closer and one can see that her work is more complex, often constructed with several layers of fabric and full of subtle detail. The used materials are carefully selected, found or recycled, thus stored with their own past and memory. The pieces draw attention to the concept that any one specific moment in time is irrevocable, all that remains being our own individual, often flawed, memory. A memory that lies nestled within its own reality. Van ‘t Zet attempts to capture the intangibility of such, sometimes arbitrary moments, exploring the tension between beauty and decay and the impermanence of all that exists. The paintings can be considered as tranquil fragments of time, a product emanating from both subconscious reaction and conscious decision making.

Exhibitions at Billytown