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Sam Hersbach


Sam Hersbach (b. 995, Arnhem, NL) is an artist who finds inspiration in the world around us, exploring seemingly unrelated elements to create his art. He has produced a wide variety of works that juxtapose theme’s and imagery such as drone’s acquired by the Dutch government, fantas­tical painterly mountains, submarine’s, gigantic (alien) butterflies, self-portraits, historical figures and more.

Hersbach’s works often pay tribute to individuals or concepts, such as his pieces honouring the painter and mother, Cornelia Lam­me-Scheffer, and other body of work that honours healthcare workers and hospital cleaning staff. His drone paintings depict un­manned aerial vehicles in threatening positions, while his butterfly series offers a more fantastical perspective. Hersbach’s paintings showcase varying styles and narratives, often oscillating between the micro and macro perspectives. Microbes amongst giants.

Using self-made paint, he imbues both meaning and emotion into his figurative elements and materials. Using material connection with the subject matter.

Overall, Sam Hersbach’s art is a fascinating and engaging exploration of the world. Through his use of both figurative and material elements, he creates compelling and immersive narratives that challenge viewers to see the world in new ways.

Exhibitions at Billytown